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2010-10-12 - 8:48 p.m.

The diary picked up a comment yesterday – this is a rare event for me. I have noticed how the Patteran Pages generate constant comments but I had never really thought that Diaryland was a site with similar activity. On the other hand I don’t go out of my way to write inteligibly. I have decided that the Qbossa gtr solo isn’t up to scratch – strange that the line was fine for developing something else. Gilbert mailed that he liked that later piece. He has a poetry and gtr/lute concert coming up this week.

I got the bear on duty at 9am and he came up with MD’s Time After Time and late D Graham then Julian Brody fb a.farOne from Barcelona and India.Arie. Keith James’ take on One of These Things First came up – I thought it was alright – one of those great kdlang songs from the mid 90s was next and stood up well. I played through the 7 Brothers redraft from yesterday and mailed the result to Gilbert. The bear started to mess around so I sent him into RSV1. There was a message from UAE and one from Sue both of which I replied to straight away. Gilbet mailed two takes of each of three tunes – the first mix went reasonably well but the SMS software decided to mess around on the second - it kept locking. I pressed on. There is one take still to mix but the other five have gone into the 'approved' file.

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