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2010-10-14 - 12:49 p.m.

So all the miners have escaped and there’s a global celebration. Jonathan Powell talked about Machiavelli on R4. I listened to the discordant gtr and keyboards construction from yesterday – should I develop it further or leave it in its raw state? I like the way the bass and percussion work on the piece called 15not30. The two guitar dialogue on the piece called ROWS is very dark and Gilbert plays a great solo blending in bits of extended vocabulary. Wendy has mailed about Innovation Management and I replied. I listened to Melvyn Bragg on Sturm und Drang. – some suggestion that its influence stretches down to German fascism. I got the bear up at 10am. D’Angelo sounds to me like Prince – a good thing. I wrote to Betty about SnD and also the Big Society. She replied including some things I didn’t know about Wozzeck – I replied. Maybe the chest ache is subsiding.

I listened to the two droney – soundscape tracks from yesterday and wondered whether to combine them. The bear started giving me communication problems and so I switched to RSV1 where Anouar Brahem was the first up and very impressive. I read about Steve Benbow playing at the Brewery Tap in Brentford. The bear pulled up the Anti-Love Song by Betty Davis. I read about Art Rock where someone commented as follows:

the interesting thing about this genre is that it does not distinguish between prog and what we today call "proto-punk" . More primal acts like The Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls are of course not art rock but proto -punk (proto new wave?) acts like Velvet, Roxy,Eno, Bowie, Television, Patti Smith have distinct "artiness"/ and does have this approach in common with the prog acts of their day. Art rock makes the connection and explains a modern band like Radiohead. It is in good ways and bad an elitist thing. "Old " prog musicians like Fripp, Gabriel and the whole krautrock scene also embraced punk and new wave and for me this embrace is the essential art rock - the art rock that interests me and the rock thats its historically interesting to term art rock. So yes: King Crimson is definitely art rock.

Someone adds

this isn't what I use the term "art rock" mean but I guess I don't get to make the rules (which I really don't think is fair) ... I use it to refer to those harsh sounding experimental rock bands typical of NYC such as Sonic Youth as well as say The Pop Group. As opposed to prog which has more conventional sounds but has structural and conceptual complexity. "experimental rock", "noise rock", "post-rock" and "Left-field rock" cover adjacent and overlapping genres

I listened to Barney Kessel from the early 50s which clearly wasn’t AR although some of it is quite orchestral.. Then to the Sorceror with the aim of borrowing from it.

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