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2010-10-06 - 8:23 p.m.

The bear was kind enough to open my library earlyish this morning Ė to Etro Anime and Autopsy. When you look at me donít think youíre owning what you see. After that Give Me The Reason Ė well done bear Ė I wish I could arrange like that. Maybe I will go to the Wire salon tomorrow evening about field recording. I have been looking at a good value Tascam field recorder. Then Donít Get Me Wrong Ė Iím thinking about the fireworks that go off when you smile. It has 177 shouts on LFM. I had a look at the 3 gtr piece I knocked up yesterday and added some synth drone and some Dhorn. I sent an mp3 to Sue who is out of hospital now. I mailed Mike some HPW docs and he replied. It sounds bleak at the works. The bear went off for coffee and didnít reappear for about half an hour until I opened RSV1. Then he gave up on that altogether so I played The Magazine again. I listened to David Cameronís conference speech but wasnít that impressed. I was mostly thinking about a set of three four note quartal chords. I mailed Gilbert that piece. I read a bit about the Big Society which DC had dwelt on in his speech.

I was wondering what the Crafter sounds like through the Vamp. RSV1 came up with Donít Fear the Reaper which usually sounds good despite the sentiments. So I tried the Crafter on some clean amp settings and played around on that three four note chord idea. I was quite surprised by the timbres that came up after I had mixed the stuff a bit. I sent a couple of pieces off to PW to see if they rang any bells.

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