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2010-10-05 - 5:55 p.m.

I couldn’t get the bear to open my library so I sent him to RSV1 which soon threw up a Carl Craig remix of Hugh Masekela which made me think that Gilbert and I may not be totally on the wrong track. I linked up with a colleague I had shared an office with in the 80s and I sent a link to someone I used to work with in Detroit. I played through yesterday’s piece wondering what kind of guitar sound to use. The bear seemed to be losing interest so I switched to Pirates and then The Magazine. I read a few reviews – Pirates gets the kinder treatment. Strange Feeling Records wrote to me about a band called Flowers and Sea Creatures who I thought sounded pretty original. I added an intro and outro to yesterday’s piece and some guitar with wawa which I doubled – I only used half the track. I sent it off to Gibert. I made something different out of the gtr track and sent it to PW. I went back to RSV1 and up came some live Deep Purple – then Saturday Sun – followed by sensual polish ambient, Loco Star. Some Juliette Greco came on which led to this link about her and MD


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