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2010-10-07 - 1:23 p.m.

Bear was up by 10am kicking off brightly with Brass in Pocket. I sent an article about LEPs to colleagues. Bear switched to Carl Craig. I had already played through the 3 pieces that are currently out. Gilbert has indicated he likes the one which is made from recycled bits. Reggie Dokes (Detroit) followed – very original. Rob mailed about the Nov Wire Salon and I replied. Then the Gang of Four. and C Wilson Time after Time plus EBTG One Place which is getting to be my favourite period although really it s just pop music. To my surprise there was Wild About Herself – I have mentioned to Jon C that this song is much appreciated – he is still in Rome. It was good to have a decent run through my own library and hear a few old favourites like Judy Dyble – even We’re Going Wrong which has 85 shouts. Then Never Too Much and Robin’s Smokin fb Part’s B Britten piece.which is asking to be sampled. A few ideas from yesterday’s acoustic gtr tracks hovered around. I came across a Futurology report which was really a bit amateurish but I sent it round nonetheless. I had forgotten about Aquanote and the drum programming on that remix.

It’s the Wire salon at Café Oto tonight which will get me out of the house. I wonder how cold the evenings are now? Apparently palladium is doing better than platinum.

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