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2010-10-01 - 1:51 p.m.

I made a couple of electric gtr tracks – based around pedal notes – which I sent over to Gilbert. He thinks we might be able to make something of the three including the long one I had already made – using his Epiphone Joe Pass.. Some e/ms about the ways the NHS is trying to improve itself arrived – plenty of scope there. I put RSV1 on and Clara Hill appeared.. The pull of RLJ was irresistible and it had to be the Magazine. – which is too short - and then Naked Songs which is a fair description.

Today I picked up on the remainder of Naked Songs – Chuck E’s in Love is fun. I took the Evening Dhorn line and made it into a canon – also I rendered a Groove track without the drum part. Sending both of these to Gilbert proved hard because the comms were in a state. I added a third line to the canon – not derived from the first idea but in related keys. RLJ’s approach to Autumn Leaves is very expressionist which makes a refreshing change. Her songs sound very different without the snazzy arrangements. I sent Bette an article about Labour and the Coalition which she enjoyed.. I put on Girl at her Volcano which is also light arrangements in front of a live audience but all standards. Dr Z mailed about a wicked university dean. I have never heard anyone sing My Funny Valentine in the spirit of the MD 1964 version but RLJ brings it off. The Café Oto October programme arrived. I made a quartal Dhorn piece with some electronics and some percussion.. Finally the comms recovered enough to send the stuff over.I knocked out a few more ideas using the remnants.

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