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2010-09-30 - 10:49 a.m.

I woke feeling just a shade hungover. The 5 Rickie Lee Jones albums arrived - with pretty minimal packaging but great value nonetheless. I started with the first album from 1979 which I thought I had owned on vinyl. But it sounded quite unfamiliar - I could hear the clear Laura Nyro influence. I know I used to own Pirates (1981) which is the 2nd in the series. I recognised a few songs on RLJ1 - Last Chance Texaco and Chuck E's in Love both of which I like a lot. She was very cool even in 1979. Pirates is adventurous - amazing that it was a success in 1981, must have been some kind of hangover from the previous decade. I wrote to Ruth about 10SS and Airburst Suite. There were some exchanges with the works about the Middle East.

The Magazine is 1984 and apparently has more synth - it's a bit lighter too. I see from the Amazon reviews I'm not the only person to have fallen for it. Girl at Her Volcano and Naked Songs are both new to me. They are different in kind from the first three albums. I watched Grand Designs which was about building a house in part of the world I used to know very well indeed.

I remixed a piece which had been causing trouble - Sixthick - and sent the results to Gilbert who liked all three. Gilbert is going to hear Keith Tippett tonight. I also sent a long recording of guitar playing for him to evaluate for development. An interesting discussion round a Birmingham Post blog on where LEPs will go next. The bear pulled up Nicola Hitchcock who sounded great also Bitter Sweet. Then Eden arrived which sounded pretty good on a first play through.

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