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2010-10-02 - 9:48 a.m.

There have been a wave of pieces in the last couple of days. One is worth a bit more description in particular the guitar part. It is made entirely of three note quartal chords – there are three possible shapes and I tried to use all three. The aim was to play series of chords in quick succession without any reference to a particular key. The bass line is similarly out of any specific key and introduces variation by shifting the pulse length – quavers then minims the triplets then crotchets etc. I have no idea how to program drums for this. The Dhorn line sits on the top very well – in truth I think one could improvise in any key. I am deliberately trying to copy the approach known as time no changes which the 2nd great MD 5tet popularised on records like ESP and Miles Smiles. The drummer Tony Williams introduced a new language of drums and I don’t have enough technique to approach it. The piece has a tremendous forward energy even without drums – it s either 120bpm or 240bpm – I think it might be the latter. Last night I worked out how to cover all 12 tones in 4 chords. I think the plan is that we review what we have got in the approved file. I quite like the bossa I wrote about 5 weeks ago. Jamiroquai were on TV.

There’s another 8 bar gtr part I uncovered in the remnants which is a bit like the rhythm parts that J McL made around the time of Jack Johnson – a style I have always liked. I wish I could do more in the style but I am not sure how I created this in the first place. I am wondering about the Kirby Memorial tomorrow. Gilbert and I have decided that one of the recent tunes isn’t working properly and needs a more drastic revision.

Eden to start the day. Some discussion with Gilbert about his Roland MIDI pick up which is a sophisticated bit of kit.. Sue is in hospital for her hips. Cliff is posting frequent bulletins and it seems she is getting better after the operation and will maybe come out tomorrow. I always read AK’s diary on a Saturday. Somehow I seem to have ripped some Vanessa Daou. I played All You Can Eat by kd lang. I bet they worked hard on the drum sound.

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