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2010-09-29 - 10:37 a.m.

I managed to get my hard disc down to 83% full - but I wonder how badly I have disrupted the archive? I started today with Vanessa Daou and then moved onto Radio SV1. Some material from the works arrived. An analysis of the proposals for Local Enterprise Partnerships has been published which doesn't add up to very inspiring reading. I mailed colleagues on this. Last night I dreamed once more about working at DTI - on IT. Gilbert has been recording his lute pieces. James mailed from the US about the Moscow Mayor and Jon Cole wrote just before going off to Rome for a week.

After lunch I took the tube to Convent Garden and we went round the transport museum. The main purpose was to see their new section on the overground which wasn't in fact all that good but most of the museum was interesting. We ate at the same pub as before and then set off for Dalston. There was quite a queue outside Café Oto which we joined. After about 10 minutes they let us in. It was the usual confusion for the first half hour. Eventually John Tchicai and the drummer and bass started out with a flute and poetry piece. I wasn't that taken with the flute playing.

It was much better when he switched to tenor. He mostly used conventional technique - no multiphonics - and his style was recognisably linked to how he played alto in the early free jazz recordings - shortish phrases, partially repeated. Towards the end of the first set he slipped into All the Things You Are. Café Oto was very full and the audience spanned most ages.

.The second set was all tenor but also included some poetry and ended with a calypso. JT famously has played with John Coltrane and John Lennon and at last I have caught up with him having missed him in the early 1970s in Cambridge. The bass playing made me think.

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