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2010-09-27 - 8:56 p.m.

Yesterday I spent a lot of the time mixing and balancing which can be tiring especially if the software won’t behave.. I decided to listen to tracks which emerged with a clear head today. Around 7pm I let the bear out in my library for a change. He went for some favourites – Judee Sill, Tin Tin Out, the Isley Bros, Laura Nyro singing Ooo Baby Baby, Nina Simone doing Miississippi Goddam. A message came that EBTG Eden is on its way.

I slept OK except there were odd dreams about working in DTI. A Lacan mag taster arrived via e-m. I got the bear to start the day. He did ok – Meet on the Ledge/Dreamtime/Sandy Grey/It s different for girls. Then over to SV1 which started with a Chic instrumental followed by Lamb and Gang of Four. E-mails from the works were rather sombre.- quite a lengthy exchange with my old colleague/office-mate. I mailed Mike S about his CD and Tim S about his new life. There was a message from SV1.

I went into the restored SMS files and found one where I programmed the beats rather than using percussion loops. I am so low on memory that the decent softsynth piano wouldn’t load so I tried different epianos in the main GS softsynth.

I decided to find some of the music files that I could delete which meant tracking through a folder where a lot of stuff has been dumped. I found a lot of things I want to keep. Luckily I did find some largeish files that could go. Even so after this exercise the hard disc is still 97% full. I need to find some more junk. I am trying to defragment the disc but it doesn't work too well when the disc is this full.

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