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2010-09-26 - 6:14 p.m.

I have been listening to EBTG 1990-95 – up to Missing. I tried the stream from their site which is remixes of the later electronic songs which are so much darker – it’s very striking. Fancy giving a song the title ‘Blame’. Mike is in Detroit – maybe even boating on oine of the Great Lakes. James is in New Haven but has at last sent an e-m saying he is doing OK. Jonathan is in the UAE and has mailed in. On LastFM someone says that Temperamental is music to drive around NYC or DC at night. From there it’s a short step to Amplified Heart and onto Radio Poor-de-Chirico which opened up with Apron Strings – I could feel the increase in temperature immediately. Then Mikrokosmos No 9 – what a station! I once did a long arrangement of one or two Mikrokosmos pieces. Then Chet Baker playing Silver Lining – about as ironical as jazz can get. Aerial2 followed which must be where the bear got it from.. I have ordered the boxed set of the first five Rickie Lee Jones albums. This includes Magazine which I bought cheap as a cassette and nearly wore out. I see PoordeC is one of the four people who have left LastFM shouts on this album. She also commented on Eden as well which must make it worth a punt. I watched the results of the Labour leadership election on BBC2 and then went back to PdeC Radio.. Gilbert sent 15 recordings. I started out with an abstract piece and mixed three versions which I sent back to him. I watched the Michael Mann film which looked great and Cocktail which didn’t. Finally there was an Indian remake of Chinatown – one of my favourite films.

I have discovered the LastFM feature of groups and so I joined some of the obvious ones – TT, MD , JM etc. My LFM friends have increased to 5. Today Gilbert selected one of the three abstract pieces which I fwded to PW. I started mixing a piece I sent to Gilbert last week – called Seven Brothers. SMS was rather annoyingly unstable but I got it all done eventually plus an early piece that I like called Quartal Loops. Gilbert sings to his guitar line on this – I am very impressed.

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