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2010-09-25 - 1:18 p.m.

I can’t get AK’s new vid of the improvisation to load which is annoying. So I slid into the day with Rollercoaster which works a treat and then loaded some random fragments into SMS. It occurred to me that I was ignoring the place of the bass line. I haven’t been out for days but I am trying to revive various channels of e-communication. There’s definitely a chill in the air. Dr Z mailed about the relationship between truth and surprise which reminds me of Badiou who I have been reading fitfully on the tube. The idea of using maths as the basis of philosophy strikes me as a good one – it brings maths from the periphery back to the centre – but it hampers me in that there isn’t enough maths that I have any understanding of.. Talking of which Sir Penrose was on R4 talking about before the Big Bang.

I took todays SMS piece and reduced its complexity against some Dhorn lines a sixth apart. SV1 has recommended Pharoah Sanders – You’ve Got to Have Freedom - and so I put it in my library. Letting the bear back into my library he started with more of Aerial side 2 – a section with a very solid groove and a bout of English mysticism – we become panoramic. I used to listen to this album endlessly. Then Gnossienne No 3 on the harp – he must have got this from one of those other libraries I have been frequenting. Ditto the Gorecki that followed. Do I have the nerve to sample directly off LastFM into SMS? It’s taking a chance with synchronicity. Bear followed with a Ligeti Etude which is really showing off – I have no idea where he got this as I have lost my CD of them. Then a Debussy song and pushing his luck – some Chick Corea – it’s hard to see how after playing in Miles’ electric ensemble he produced some of that proggy stuff in the the 70s. Back to reality with CBR. A little later more Aerial2.

SMS allows some very precise editing from clips – beat by beat – which I should really try out. There are so many electric piano sonorities – I could do with a whole softsynth dedicated to some of this variety. Maybe I should interfere with some of the available epiano sounds. I wonder if I should practice chords and progressions on the Dhorn. Troubled Mind off Amplified Heart is a great song – just a shade of cello. The only way I know into Poor-de-Chirico Radio is via the shouts on Amplified Heart. Almost no e-traffic apart a bit more from Dr Z in Beirut.

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