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2010-09-24 - 12:35 p.m.

Radio SV1 played the Carpenters’ – We’ve Only Just Begun – what a strange production that is – the combination of Karen’s heartrending vocal timbres and the sudden onset of heavily produced harmonies – also the big harmonic jumps in the middle 8. It still packs a punch nonetheless despite that it started life as a bank advert, I believe. The 70s sentimentality is one of the attractions of this station. The fates seemed to be against me rescuing that gtr track – the software kept freezing each time I had licked it into shape. Back to the Works2 - aural comfort food circa 1991. I liked Rumer on the TV on Tuesday night – they say she mixes Karen C and C King – her CD isn’t out until 1 November. Maybe it s time I bought that 5 CD set of Rickie Lee Jones to tide me over. I tried a new Radio Station – Poor de Chirico. First up was Regige Dokes – a Detroit artist who I hadn’t heard of – a string ensemble over a relentless beat with piano interjections. The statistics say I should like this station. Bear pulled out River Man – very promising – and then Micatone who sounded fine (German nu-jazz with some fragmented flute).

Today I went back to the gtr fragment and the fates were kinder so that a two and a half minute piece emerged with some nice Dhorn at the end. One of the advantages of these frequent crashes is that all kinds of half formed fragments get left behind that I can return to when the mood is more favourable. We have put a lot of effort into an early piece called Bark – there are maybe 4 versions in the approved file. But there are also derivatives one of which I picked up this morning. Rob mailed about a John Latham event on Saturday and also Café Oto on Tuesday – a plan seems to be emerging. Francis mailed about a US STEM initiative. I mailed Chris about his trip to Germany. I played around with one of the canons. Quite a lot got done in different bits and pieces.

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