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2010-09-17 - 7:12 p.m.

First thing was a haircut and then Tesco’s. I sent PW two tracks – one a thickened line, the other a version of Chords, one of the first tunes I made in SMS. I got the bear up at 10.30am fpr SV1 and he started with Billy Holiday doing Stormy Weather then some jazzy triphop from Jon Kennedy. I think the Behringer interface definitely sounds better even though it’s only 16 bit. Someone approached me to link – I think it was part of a marketing strategy but I said yes anyway taking my total to 78. Bear pulled up another track from the Detroit Experiment – I wonder where my copy has got to? Good flute playing – very live, you could hear some intake of breath. There was some Dhorn I uncovered yesterday which was quite hot – I wondered whether I’d inadvertently increased the speed? Then some Eno – who has a lot to answer for – followed by Lizzy Parks and some late Lamb. I like the early stuff best. I wondered about dubstep. David Sylvian cast his spell.

I decided to explore the Vamp presets with the Dhorn – a lot of sound possibility here. Gilbert and I were both free to develop stuff and so we had a good afternoon on both abstract and melodious pieces. I wonder if we have enough to put another album on LastFM – it will be a challenging one I think.

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