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2010-09-16 - 10:01 p.m.

I watched the arrival of the Pope on TV it all seemed to go better than expected. The Vamp3 arrived half way through the morning. The first thing I set up was the USB audio interface which sounds much better than the headphones socket on the laptop. The interface comes with a lead to link to the Vamp so nothing extra is needed. I started with an old track that needs something to liven it up. I recorded a single string line and then took that line and put a new organ part underneath it. I identified an old Dhorn line which went into another piece and I started to think about a gtr part for the short Schoenberg arrangement. It needs some work to get the syncopations right. Gilbert mailed about his publisher.

The Vox AC30 simulation suits me as indeed the original amp used to. Some of the newer stops in the first 16 sound better to me than on the Vamp2. I am steering clear of most of the FX and the second 16 of the simulations.. There is also a CD of sound software which I am in no hurry to explore although maybe some of the effects will be usable in SMS. It all seems to work quite well.

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