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2010-09-19 - 5:49 p.m.

I got up betimes on Saturday morning and packed my bag so that I was waiting at the bustop by 10am and at Heathrow coach station 20 mins later. Time for a coffee before catching the 10.30am coach to Oxford. The coach was fuller than usual presumably because students are returning. I met my host at the parknride amd we drove to Brill for a coffee and then into Thame where the highstreet was blocked off for a large funfare. We ate in the family friendly Italian restaurant and then did a spot of shopping before returning the Brill. The pond needed cleaning and so I got the bear up and working on Radio SV1. A new option developed - J87 Radio. The idea of a Ghosts reunion came up.

We spend the evening eating supper and seeing to a decent bottle of claret and went to bed around 1 am. I was up at 8 am and we were on the road to Oxford just after 9.30am. I caught the 10.16am Birmingham to Bournemouth cross country which had been diverted via Guildford. Vita let me in. The garage has been knocked down. I left around 2.30pm and got the train to Clapaham Junction. The next train had been replaced by a bus which took forever to get to Kew Bridge. I decided not to wait for the next overground train and caught a bus up to South Ealing tube station where a train arrived just as I went down the steps to the platform.

Getting in I gave the bear a chance to show what he could do with J87 and he pulled out December's Boudoir from Eli and the 13th Confession.

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