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2010-09-08 - 6:15 p.m.

I woke late - still recovering from Monday night's excitement. I went through the new additions to the approved list of GI/IC pieces. Radio4 had a programme about the Blitz. I didn't get the bear up until past 10.30am and he kicked off with German nu-jazz, Micatone, which I liked. Not much e/m traffic apart from the standard stuff. I had a look again at a piece called Two Again which neither of us thought was quite up to scratch. Currently it's gtr and organ - I quite liked listening through to it and I thought it might be salvable. I had to reload and bear pulled Muchas Floras - flamenco pop - not that wonderful. I started by trying to get more thematic unity into Two Again. Dr Z is in Malta and Dr Hindsight hasn't replied.

At 11.45am I set off to meet Sue at Victoria - we met at 1pm and settled on the Grosvenor. The starters were fine but I didnt think my main was quite as good as before. I walked her to her train at 3pm and decided on another cup of coffee before getting the tube home. She was amused by the thought I might go to Abu Dhabi. When I got in there was an invitation to pitch which I gave an interim reply to and fwded to colleagues. SVno1 also has Baxter on her radio - these boys certainly have something.

On the Tube I read the first Ch of Badiou's Being and Event which is very impressive - I had already read the introduction earlier in the week. It is clearer in the original where he is going on multiplicity and unity. The basic starting point is that we are aware of a situation which is a multiplicity of multiplicities and the presentation of a presentation. Unity seems to be linked to non-being rather than being.

An old colleague with whom I recently had lunch sent an interesting ITT through - I mailed it around to colleagues suggesting we go for it.

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