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2010-09-07 - 8:00 p.m.

I woke early and got up to clear the e-ms before 7am - about 9am I got the bear up and started hin on Radio Supervixenno1 - a live version of Maiden Voyage, very extrovert, then Gil Scott-Heron. Some exchanges with PW over R Thompson's thoughts on ND in the Word. He really rates the Robinson arrangement on Riverman. I looked up the price of cheap flights to Abu Dhabi - not too expensive. Rob said he had some recordings from my Amiga period - I was very pleased to hear this. Ra Ra Riot sounded good also Little Feat, Spanish Room. Last night Rob said his son had sold his bass guitar and amp to help get enough for a house - he still has his vintage synths however. Erykah Badu sounded great also Isaac Hayes - very orchestral. The bear pulled out Leona Lewis' big hit which I remember from being in clinics and the like in 2007/8. I am wondering what to do from the Sotto Voce Festival Thurs - Sunday coming - maybe the Saturday afternoon?

The Word must be aimed at the older music fan - for example it mentions What We Did On Our Holidays on the cover and it has an article about test commentary. There is also an article about what happens to musicians when they get old which makes very sad reading. Apparently D Swarbrick with his serious illness nearly went bankrupt and was only saved by the Musicians Benefit Fund. In the US its common for older musicians not to have any health insurance becuase they can't be bothered with the payments. There's an obit for Robert Sandall who I really used to like on Mixing It - prostate cancer is the cause.

I remixed the percussion version of bark1 and sent it off to Gilbert who is back at work this week. When he got in from work he gave it the thumbs up. I think we now have 4 versions of Bark1 in store. I listened through to the freetrio - I had been worried about putting the piano too far back but I think it's OK. There is a piece we are working which is based on something Stravinsky wrote circa 1919. I remixed the Dhorn and Gilbert sent me 2 guitar parts. I sent him mixes today and he has picked the one that I was less sure about but I think I can see his angle.

I programed my favourite short piano piece of Schoenberg and wondered how to develop it. At the moment it is piano and organ and a lot of percussion. It wasn't intended to be played with a strict rhythm but the cross rhythms in it are brilliant.

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