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2010-09-09 - 7:58 p.m.

I didn't get the bear up until 10.30am - he started out with Miles' Time After Time - fragile beauty indeed. Gilbert has sent a lute piece and suggested that Two Again becomes a 4tet with bass and percussion. Lou Rhodes recent stuff followed MD ,then HH I mailed James a link to an excellent report on the UK's acquisition of defence equipment and why it keeps going wrong. Derek mailed about his e/m breaking down. De-Phazz sounded relaxed. Some new piece ideas on guitar are just starting. Vanessa Daou is very distinctive, Cibo Matto quirky.

I added some bass notes to Two Again quite easily but found the percussion harder work. I ended up by taking a couple of effects from the SMS library and putting those on in different pitches. I loaded up the lute recording of Evening which played very nicely. I wondered about putting a MIDI line but I ran into technical difficulties - after listening a lot I got the Dhorn out and switched its transpose facility to make Evening easy to accompany. Its now a matter of waiting for the mood to be right - and also chosing the right timbre. A box of wine arrived.

I woke the bear up and he chose Lizzy Parks - where does he get this stuff from. LP sounds very good - she studied jazz in Bham. Francis sent a speech on Higher Education by David Willetts and I fwded it to James. Gilbert mailed to say that he was happy with Two Again - but there are two glitches which we need to block out if possible. I bumped omto an analysis of jazz using Schenker - terribly expensive.

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