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2010-09-01 - 6:59 p.m.

Julian Diggle picked up the linkedin link and mailed his amazing website - I suggested he try 10SS. There was more linkedin chatter on LEPs. I thought I would remix the freetrio. Then maybe do some work on the 2 canons? The bear started the day with Peter PaulnMary - where does he get this stuff from? Then Constanza and B Martin from Stormbringer - better than I remember. Japanese Telecom is pioneer Juan Atkins in disguise. Then JCF Here comes the blues - what a singer. Is dreampop a Scottish phenomenon? The bear also pulled Lab Rat XL out of the ether. I mailed James a link to a Daily Mail discussion of the furnishings in Obama's office - does he need this reminder of political discourse in the UK? I doubt it. Mick Karn is another of the bear's finds - better than Return to Forever if you ask me. Apparently Laurence phoned but I didnt answer. Also Sue on Saturday. I posted something about T Blair on linkedin.

I read some biography of Phil Ochs yesterday - it s a sad story of how the 70s weren't like the 60s. I switched to a friend's radio on LFM and it up came the Stylistics live - not what I was expecting. Then some dubstep. I would like to be able to do the snare this way. I posted a link in the LEP group in linkedin. SMS was really slow to load up - if I was working against deadlines I d have to buy a new laptop.

Gilbert mailed some gtr parts. I remixed the freetrio - he preferred that version. I had a lot of grief with the laptop mixing a one minute abstract piece - I ended up using Kristal which was much easier. Then onto a Stravinsky based piece where I was concerned about the synchronisation. Gilbert has suggested some introductory beats.

James mailed from the USA to say so far so good and he is starting classes today. Another musical acquaintance linked on linkedin - Mike South Black Country country master. MS has a Telecaster with a B Bender - the first one of the kind that I have seen.

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