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2010-08-31 - 5:47 p.m.

The e-m server returned but there was very little of consequence in my inbox. I woke late and after a while got the bear back onto triphop radio. Last night late I discovered a spare abstract Gilbert recording which I turned into a trio with piano and bass. I found a couple of musical names on linkedin and joined a new group. Gilbert mailed to say that he is home from hospital which is good news - I sent him an mp3 of the free trio. Another warm day. I posted thoughts onto a couple of linkedin groups and this provoked someone to ask me for a link. I applied to join the UKTI group and was let in. PW has a pupil staying - a sports coach. Around 12.30pm I switched back to IC radio - the bear kicked off with Model 500. I resisted the temptation to listen this morning to the 5 pieces in development - 2 canons, 2 sequences and one extra. I am watching out for the next instalment of AK's diary. I mailed Rob about Boat-ting next Monday plus a couple of other lunching friends. Bear played M Gaye plus T Terrell which may show my age but I don't care. I have been working my solo gtr version of So What - the bear was kind enough to play this track today. It seems my XXpatriot friend may revert to being an Xpatriot which would be a shame. You Turn Me On I'm a Radio is a feel good tune, Everybody Here Wants You less so, Mikromusic intrigue. Patteran Pages has a new posting. The bear played some of the Grey Album.

An invitation arrived to an event at the Whitechapel Gallery on J Latham and D Toop next Saturday afternoon. I am resisting the impulse to buy DT's new book - it's in my basket at Amazon but I haven't checked it out. I listened to the 2 canons - I thought maybe they needed some adjustment in Kristal. Robert Hood's Minimal Nation costs 24.49 on Amazon - so much for minimal techno. I played North Marine Drive again - it's an achievement to make an album that has such a distinctive sound when it's only voice and guitar and a few other instruments. It helps when one of the others is P King on alto.

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