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2010-09-02 - 5:29 p.m.

I watched the T Blair interview with Andrew Marr twice. I sent Gilbert an organ and gtr piece using one of his versions of the abstract piece, also a remix of the original short abstract piece. There is one piece in the bank so far - the freetrio. I discovered on linkedin someone who used to live in the street where I am currently resident in West London and is now a celebrated photographer. He doesn't live too far away which is good news especially as he has picked up the link. Lots of poems on the Patteran Pages. I am up to 72 linkedin links. I foned Sue and fixed up lunch for next week.

I got up just after 7am but didnt wake the bear until 9am starting with a 'friend's' radio - first up the Kings of Convenience who sounded very good then the wierd Company Flow . A remix of D Ross's Love Hangover - surprisingly good. Knalpot were nicely wierd. A solo Bach cello piece - one that I can play partly on guitar. I mailed an mp3 of the canon where the lines are a fourth apart to Gilbert who thought there could be something there for us. There was more work on the short abstract piece and an unsuccessful wrestle with Stravinsky. I mailed Gilbert a piano chord sequence with a slow groove taken from one of the SMS downloads. J Diggle, session percussionist supreme, mailed about the long lost Dr Hindsight - I sent him a link to the shortest of the longer stories. And so to Cafe Oto for the monthly Salon. (It looks as if Rob is up for Boat-ting on Monday)

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