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2010-08-20 - 4:20 p.m.

Bear followed up with Midnite Blue off Smile which for my money is one of her great albums - it goes with Pink Moon in my world. Then a remix of Its All True. It's possible to drop straight into my LFM library - playing a track - off my linkedin home page which also features EE at the top of my reading list. Bear slotted in LS1 which strikes me now as one of our stranger offerings. Then Gil Evans Time of the Barracudas with Elvin Jones on drms and WS on ts. Just fine.

Then this morning he pulled Baroksambience - a colleague said that compared with1970 the playing on this was much calmer - I don't think I agree. Anyway it cheered me up to hear it again - the reverb on it is really good. The whole sound is surprisingly optimistic. Followed by A Free Man in Paris - somewhere I am happy to be. Plus RLJ from Pirates - maybe its time to pick up that offer on her first 5 albums in a box. Surprisingly B pulled out SS7 next - which is quite bleak and a totally different flute sound. Then Carl Craig's 69 and late Lamb. He managed to fit in Midnite Blue again.

I remixed the first adaption I tried in SMS a few months back currently labelled Sonyone. Then I looked at a piece where I had part harmonised a SMS groove. The piece had been exported as a mixdown which was then brought back into SMS further processed and got the harmony strengthened. I tried adding some Dhorn - the FX are irresistable - I used phaser and a short delay, I exported the mix, converted it to mp3 and sent it to Gilbert.

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