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2010-08-19 - 6:44 p.m.

Bear played that Brad Mehldau track with the ferocious alto player from Barcelona. Dr Z mailed an interview with Andrew Feenberg which only made me like AF more - my no 1 philosopher just now. Paul W is off on a trip somewhere. I am aiming to get Rain Over the Island up on CJAM Music for the world to enjoy. The bear appeared after Dont Want to Know - I told him I was still listening and so he put on Choklate who is said to combine hip-hop and neo-soul. Then an archaic piece from J Renbourn which post-EE now commands much more attention. Amazon have asked for a review of Filles de Kilimanjaro and Noise History - neither of these are straightforward assignments. The review of the adapter was much more easy.

There are four SMS pieces at the moment. I took an extra step in adding Dhorn to one of them - and then spent a great deal of time editing down the addition and playing with the FX to get a sound that I liked. I listened again after a night's sleep, edited some more - I think maybe I will keep it. I would like to add Dhorn via MIDI recording but have yet to master it.

Dr Z sent a very revelatory post about OOO. I joined the group from RDA to LEP on linkedin. I get LEP updates from Google every morning. I have also joined a linkedin group about The Big Society. Returning from Gfd I bought a can of Bud at the Polish shop and headed straight back to the bear - who I must say I had been missing. He played some classic Detroit techno and then Baxter's Quiet Mind - very well chosen I'd say. Not one of the best days apart from this.B added Stolen Car by Beth Orton. I met her at the Skin Too Few premier in Amsterdam.

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