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2010-08-21 - 10:33 a.m.

Bear finally got round to playing the Jefferson Airplane version of Triad which is far better than the original Byrds version in my view. 38 LFM shouts confirm what a stunning track this is and how its theme hasn't got any less extreme over the years. I first heard it performed live. I am having trouble getting Brighton Airs to play - it was never my favourite but I thought it deserved another chance. Model 500's No UFOs has also aged well - it drops in a bit of the more famous Nude Photo towards the end. I've said it before and I'll say it again - its a fine jape to have a track on an album called Gesamtkustwerk called Pornoactress. Somehow the bear has got hold of Zhanna - the downtempo artist from Kiev.

I am wondering about going to see John Tchicai on Tuesday at Cafe Oto - he was on the first avant garde jazz album I bought by the New York Art Quartet as a teenager. I missed him when he played with John Lennon and Yoko in Cambridge in my last year. He may have something to teach about the abstract line vis a vis the Dhorn.

I programmed the sub-Jobim sequence that I have been working up on the guitar and then spent a lot of time with different patches thinking how the timbres varied the sense of the progression. Then I practised some Dhorn lines over the top and thought that might be a viable approach, Dr Z says London is really expensive compared say with Paris.

The bear started today with more Gesamtkunstwerk then Torn Curtain off Marquee Moon - a very anguished song - followed by Walking Wounded - always a favourite - I wish I could program percussion like that. Gilbert seems to be having a lot of trouble with his back unfortunately. Nice to see AK referring to the Tao in his diary - PW often would make similar observations. A very rhapsodic piece by the late Michael Brecker. Tim Soane posted a good example to the linkedin group on the Big Society.

Setting the Jobim piece worked OK so I might put the sonnet setting into SMS. After The Creator has a Master Plan the bear showed up to see if I was still listening. I was slightly insulted. Then to appease he played SS1 - always easy to recognise. There's a tone row in there somewhere. Next Before Today. Tonite I feel above the law and I'm coming into land. If only.

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