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2010-08-18 - 6:11 p.m.

The bear started out with Regina Carter which made a refreshing change – I have often wondered if she is related to Ron Carter as they are both jazz string players from the Detroit area. Amazon seemed to think that I might buy some more David Sylvian records. I have now put up all the positive comments we have received on the GI/IC offering – for example some here:


I am spending a lot of time reorchestrating the groove piece which is currently just under two minues long. The bear pulled out Robin’s Water Falls Down which seems to be his favourite track of hers. Then Pat Metheny’s Cathedral in a Suitcase. Dr Z mailed about Badiou and Meilllassoux and the possible link to Hume. I decided to play Weekend Players because I haven’t heard them a while and they cheer me up.

I left just before midday and got a lift to Osterley. I arrived a bit ahead of time in the foyer of 1 Victoria St and sat down to read a copy of the FT which was there for the purpose. Francis arrived on time and suggested we go to either a Turkish restaurant or an Italian one. It turned out that the Turkish one is the one I have been to twice already - the Italian one is on Rochester Row where there used to be a think tank. It turns out that during the week Francis has a room in a building just behind RR and so he regards the place as his local. I chose asparagus to start and then swordfish - both extremely nicely cooked. We talked at length about Coalition policies in various areas - and also a bit about our families and also about the works. We walked back down Strutton Ground and parted on Vic St so I could go across the to the Broadway to catch a District Line. On the way back I read a book Francis had given me about the organisation where he stays during the week.

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