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2010-08-17 - 5:17 p.m.

Back in my usual seat, thinning out my e/ms. The bear picked Thievery Corporation who I believe have quite a reputation. I have found a new tone on the U2 - neck pu with all the top rolled off plus a little top from the bridge pu - quite a round sound. There is a light that never goes out has a massive 900 shouts on LFM. Marlene on the Wall has 49. Constant Craving has 90. In the restaurant in Thame I noticed that they played a track off my kd lang album.J ames McG mailed to say we can used his words on LS.

I sent Paul W an article about Turkey's emergence as a global power. He mailed all four CDs very generously which certainly brightened up the day. I started with Seachanges which has All Along - one of IMAC's favourites - one of mine too. There's also Noah which we used to play in Ghosts - plus Star which he and I played in Gfd once and he played for Lullabies. I followed up SC with Over the Island which was the first CD PW produced in the 90s and assembles songs and recordings from different eras. One of the newer ones is Bender which I particularly like and is very hard-hitting. In fact there isn't one I don't like - the violin on After Hours is an utter delight. Give Us A Ring is mentioned on p333 of EE and Julie's Goodbye was the first of his songs I ever heard - in the Union. I Can Feel It is the one I quote in Meeting Nick - I think I did an arrangement of this on the AWE32. Over the Island itself is an utter delight. Great picking on Count on Me.

I have remixed the groove driven fragment using the tuba patch on the SMS softsynth which is quite authentic. I have taken down the delay on the drums to a flutter. I am wondering if I have enough material to develop.

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