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2010-07-30 - 11:42 a.m.

'I Surrender' from Dead Bees on a Cake is truely hypnotic. Bear played the other version of On Green Dolphin St with the more rhapsodic intro - it can't really compare with the original in my opinion. I am up to 57 links on Linkedin. Julia kindly introduced me to her network at Cenex.

I looked at the final Miles' conert with Quincey Jones and the big orchestra but decided it would be too poignant. I am being connected into a information service called BMI but they are taking their time. I watched the BBC2 programme about forming the Coalition.

Gilbert's friend Didier has made some album covers for us and I found an image for Airburst which probably needs amending :-


I discovered Barcelona Jazz Radio


And also a San Diego music collective


I looked at some collective improvisation including Gilbert


The Bear was messing around so I suggested he play PJ Harvey Radio which seemed to sort him out. I wondered about ordering some Graham Harman but the cheapest UK seller has sold out.

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