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2010-07-31 - 10:52 a.m.

I switched to Suzanne Vega Radio from PJ Harvey Radio on LFM - probably a step backwards in time. SV got married again in 2006 - I think that's about the time I saw her live and was impressed. There was a message from the works about my laptop and its ills.

I have started playing the U2 again after quite a while concentrating on the Crafter - I like the way that the two pick-ups can contrast and blend. I mailed Peter Chatterton about LastFM. Some Joan Osborne came up and I ended up ordering a collection of her soul covers for next to nothing. I liked her singing in Standing in the Shadows of Motown. I see you can get the first five Rickie Lee Jones albums for a tenner in a boxed set - not re-mastered and with little documentation. Even so it's a pretty good deal. I am getting to like Laura Marling more.

Bette mailed me the fotos from the Provence trip - a very pleasant reminder. Some of the new philosophy is well set out here:


I discovered that the vid of Missing includes shots of Balham station. I listened to some Youtube tracks from North Marine Drive and wondered why it wasn't cheaper after all these years.

I have been working on playing the octotonic scale over three octaves on the guitar. I am hoping to get to the point that I can use it naturally and automatically on dominant sevenths.

I loaded some new curative software and sent off to look for trouble in the laptop - it soon started to find things it didn't like.

The bear wouldn't get out of bed so I played the Philadelphia Expt remix. I wondered whether AK would be making a diary entry this week. Unusual dreams again.

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