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2010-07-29 - 11:07 a.m.

The bear has picked up on Miles' version of It Never Entered My Mind which is early in the history of the first great 5tet and is a fine early example of his harmon mute ballad style. I can't imagine where the bear got it from for the library. He is also playing Time After Time a lot which is fine by me.

The Wire weekly arrived and I mailed a Bton gig to Paul and a floating gig on the Thames to Rob. I have recently reviewed Esthero and there's no doubt there's a big gap between the best track and the rest of the tracks on Breath for Another.

I discovered that Robin has put Sandy Grey up on her site as a memorial to J Martyn.


and I was sent this snippet which I hadnt seen before - but I vaguely remember something to do with Uriah Heep


Fin is sounding quite good


An idea for another chord sequence on gtr appeared and expanded itself towards a piece. I managed to remember it overnight which is always a positive sign. There was an exchange of e-ms with Dick Jones.

Bear kicked off with Jackson Browne and then the TT piano based version of Driving followed by a rocking Stanley Clarke piece he likes. Then he cleared off inexplicably. I played Laura Marling which is gradually getting there.

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