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2010-07-27 - 2:52 p.m.

On the way to my lunch date at the Albert I read Thomson's book on Heidegger and university education. I had a rather low opinion of this book but this time I found it surprisingly easy to read. Maybe it's all the other Heidi commentary I am encountering. Heidi thinks that modern universities have become overtaken with a style of thought rooted in technology - even in arts subjects - which has all kinds of undesirable results. The solution is to adopt a style of education rooted in a proper knowledge of 'being'. No surprises there.

Gilbert is asking a designer to do some covers for the 3 joint albums on LastFM - some photos have arrived. Mark P mailed about the film he is making about D Graham. and I replied. I am surprised so many dogs have become obese. I think Vita and Yvonne are going to Wales today. I managed to load up a GI/IC piece into Kristal to fiddle around with the reverb and chorus - I am not sure about the compressor.

I went through the Laura Marling album again - with attention to the words which are not straighforward.

The Coalition has decided to close the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. To me this looks like a special kind of stupidity. Back with the bear he kicked off with the Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac and the Hounds of Winter. My laptop played up - it's getting on my nerves. In fact it was rather that kind of morning - so an excess of EBTG was my response including the remix stream from their website.

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