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2010-07-28 - 3:31 p.m.

I couldn't wake the bear so I started the day with the Filles - that's about 70 minutes of music which is a very good deal. Most people seem to think the preceding album, Miles in the Sky, isn't as good. I read about Betty Mabry who inspired lots of the FdeK music. Amazon has 19 of her tracks for 6.60 - it's a possibility.

I am still refining the guitar part of the sonnet - there are a couple of points where the harmony goes G7/C and I am enriching the approach here. I have selected covers for the 3 GI/IC albums. There is a consultation on the Regional Growth Fund which closes on 6 September which I sent round to colleagues. I mailed Laurence with a summary of OOO suggesting we meet for lunch in London. Also to Mike who is in Suffolk this week. My laptop is still running very slowly. I at last manged to raise the bear and he played Sandy Grey. Paul W mailed with a link to an article about a forthcoming J Martyn tribute album. The bear even played the track that used to be called Day In Day Out - now isone of the larger stories. I shifted the orchestration of it some while after I completed it in other respects and this made it more aggressive. It still sounds relatively unelectric.

I ordered a copy of Why People Get Rothko but Don't Get Stockhausen - which was very reasonable at about 6.00. It's a good question if it's true and maybe it's less true than it was. In fact I nearly ordered a book suggesting that many of the outside forms of music are linking up together.

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