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2010-07-26 - 7:26 p.m.

Rather reeling from all the new material that has come to light in the last few days. One or two positive comments from Gilbert's musical associate. Its all accessible off this page


I am surprised we got so much done - at the same time I know there are pieces which we did which have got lost. The Fifths etc album now contains a piece originated by Mark Graham - BBC500.

The first Laura Marling album has turned up - coincidentally Paul W has downloaded the second one. I think it's gonna take me a while to get the measure of her - the songs have interesting arrangements and non-standard themes but the comparisons with Miss M are misplaced in terms of the range of her voice and her melodies. Paul is encouraging me to get an ipod - he has just invested in a new one. I still need to sort out the Pianobox - I am being woefully lax on that score.

I had lunch today in the Albert in Victoria St - a place I would go to when I was a civil servant. I lunched with Chris Read who used to work for me - about 26 years ago. I have been telling people about a recurring dream I have that I am still a civil servant involved in a taxing computer project.

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