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2010-07-22 - 8:45 a.m.

James McGrath wrote having just received his PhD for work on Sgt Pepper - I have an acknowledgement in it he says. More exchanges with Gilbert over the 10SS which are all up now on LFM. He has suggested I put up the other stuff as well.

Bear played the Sonnet this morning which is still sounding OK. Laura Marling also cropped up sounding like something from Les Cousins' great days - it transpires she has been nominated for a Mercury Prize. King Britt's Philadelphia Experiment remix came up - I am still not recognising this stuff. No sign of the Filles yet - I was expecting them by now. Actually I am rather missing not being in France - my hosts get back tomorrow - it looks as if their e-ms are overflowing. I have to get a bedspread to them which I carried back on the trains - it was bought in the market in St Saturnin. It's thought that the name comes from the Roman god Saturn. I enjoyed Ounumbered on TV.

I spotted an interesting story from the Northern Echo about how the RDA's current functions are to be carried out when they disappear - a difference of view between Pickles and Cable has been reported. One possibility is that it will be done by UKTI - where I am going for coffee next week.

The bear suddenly gave up at the start of the Aquanote remix that I like - annoying. I put on Dave Douglas' Winter and Winter/Charms of the Night Sky which I haven't listened to enough. It's very smooth - he does a version of Hhancock's Little One - just a 4tet including accordion. Perhaps it is a shade too ethnic for me? I ordered Alas I Cannot Swim which was below my price threshold. I started to dig around the issue of countertrade. Here's a page of memories about Jackson C Frank


I also found a reference to Paul Wheeler and John Martyn gigging together at Les Cousins in June 1968. Mark Pavey is supposed to be doing a previously unknown ND song this week at Tanworth with Beverley Martyn. I mailed him to wish him good luck. But I think I'm going to see Charles Alexander's duo in Battersea. I listened to Stargazer and realised that this was very early in Robert Kirby's career. Ray Warleigh is the business on that album. I have checked that my vinyl copy is OK.

I am thinking of additions to the gtr part for the sonnet setting - many in a quartal vein.

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