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2010-07-21 - 8:47 a.m.

Gilbert mailed about doing some more stuff - great idea. He is currently using a Zoom H4 which I hadn't heard of. A bit of searching led me to the Zoom H2 and I wondered if this could be right for me. I loaded up 3 more SS:




The first in this list (SS2) uses a human voice to suggest a story that the music illustrates. The second (SS3) is about contrasting sections within the piece whereas the last (SS4) is more lyrical. So that's 5 of the 10 loaded.

When I finally got to the bear he was in an odd mood - he played a few bars of Dancing in the Street (with Marvin Gaye on the drums) and then sulked. I gave up and put on River. Norah Jones sounds sexy to me whereas Wayne Shorter sounds angular (gloriously) - WS is playing the not letting go of LA. Tina Turner is scary - I like the rhythm guitar on her song - just on the four.

Charlie Alexander mailed about a duo gig he is doing in Battersea next Saturday. I fixed up a meeting with an old colleague over coffee for Wednesday next week. The bear came back after lunch.

I see that The Sea by CBR has got a Mercury nomination - it's a long time since I owned one of those.

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