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2010-07-20 - 8:07 a.m.

I started the day with CBR, sorting my newsy e/ms. An old colleague, Chris Read, phoned who I worked with on a demanding project the year James was born. We decided we would meet up in London in a week's time. Then it was time to wake the bear up and see how he was feeling about the week ahead. There have been some good bulletins from Object Oriented Philosophy lately which I am saving to read properly. I have got the e/ms from my week away down to eight. My links reached 54.

The bear pulled the Plath song ftom Airburst Suite which had been running through my head over the weekend. I suppose I am wondering if there is more to be made of it. Bear followed up with Joanna Newsom. Then Maybe I'm Amazed - so he was on reasonable form. Amazon are pestering me to buy another book as I am almost at the end of Noise Theory - I don't think I'm going to put that one up on my linkedin reading list. I am wondering whether the list is responsible for me being invited to review a business book - perhaps not. The bear has selected some Merzbow which shows he is keeping up. The Martian seems to be a rare Detroit artist.

I looked up Mandalay on Amazon and was surprised how expensive their recordings have become for what seems to be another triphop band which disappeared in the noughties. I wrote to Gilbert about lute playing and the 10SS and he sent back a quick positive reply. I read a bit about Extreme Programming and had a few exchanges with the works about agile/agility. The bear didn't come back after lunch - I have no idea why not. I played Sorceror instead, also Esthero and Olive. Then the bear turned up - without a word of explanation and played a new Carl Craig track to appease me - it was advanced techno and pretty much did the job, then some clever remixing by Mr Scruff. Also the alternative take of Flamenco Sketches. The sequence of modes is on Wikipedia. In the Basquiat film they use the main take to suggest his contentment and concentration in the studio. I noticed that Julia Chance had posted that she always wanted to be mysterious - I sent a positive reply.

I uploaded two of the Ten Short Stories - here


and here


The first is one of the more abstract - but less so the seventh. There is actually someone's album already called Ten Short Stories but I decided not bother about that.

The bear picked out Skalpel who are Polish. Over the years they’ve built an astounding collection of samples capturing the dusty, smoky spirit of Polish jazz from 60s and 70s, and then reimagined it for current audiences

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