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2010-07-23 - 12:29 a.m.

The Filles arrived from Amazon and surprised me. I have always liked Mme Mabry but didnt realise that it was one of the two tracks with the new band ie with D Holland and C Corea instead of the classic 5tet..The notes say that Miles composed all the tunes - this one sounds to me like Shorter but who knows. Miles plays it like he knows it inside out -rather anticipating his the lyrical pieces from his last decade.

I put five more GI/IC pieces up - the best way in is via the label page


OR the artists


The new album is Fifths etc. Gilbert is promoting these releases via his Facebook page and has already got some positive reaction. I mailed Peter Chatterton in case there are some more tracks which I have missed.

I had lunch with my ex-patriot schoolfriend in Victoria - we met at the station - he had already been to a job interview. A shower of rain forced us into the Wetherspoons overlooking the station. After it eased up we made it down to the Turkish restaurant in Pimlico which was just as friendly as before. We drank a bottle of red Vaucluse - the plateau in Provence where I was last week.

On the journey there I tried to find my way into Deleuze and Guattari A Thousand Plateaus without much success. Apparently you can start it anywhere. The Noise History/Theory book tries to use Deleuze but I am not convinced by it. The author starts with Difference and Repetition and tries to work with repetition. I have already been down this path and don't believe it leads anywhere. In Deleuze its difference that is the superior concept. I had hoped to find a basis for minimalist repetition but this just isn't there.

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