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2010-07-04 - 7:12 a.m.

For some reason I found it impossible to go to sleep on Friday night/Saturday morning. I don't think it was the curtain problems, at least not at first. Despite that I didn't experience the long slow drift of the hours say between 3am and 5am. I kept the bear busy but I didn't put him through the hifi and I ferreted about on various websites finding stuff of interest to fwd to various colleagues particularly on the Coalition's approach to the NHS. I hadn't realised that they plan to get rid of so many NHS managers. There was a link back from one of the people I approached the day before taking my total to 22 links. I washed my new shorts by hand - they had suffered from the heat effects of my newly returned laptop.

The washing dried easily and just before lunch I knocked out more of the sonnet setting. I watched the womens' tennis finals with the sound turned down with just the last line of the sonnet to do. The bear has taken to Lou Rhodes - previously the singer in Lamb. The tennis didnt seem to take long. I wonder if Serena is fed up with taking the trophy?

On Friday on the train I read from Adorno's Minima Moralia written in the 40s and said to be a masterpiece. Its written in short segments and is intended as a guide how to live one's life in trying circs. The drift seems to be that in modern capitalism an individual can only realise his/herself by withdrawing and putting some distance betwen him/her and totalitarian social reality. I picked up various explanatory papers at the different galleries we visited plus a national guide to galleries and exhibitions. I looked in the index of Noise Theory but it doesn't mention Latham.

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