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2010-07-03 - 12:32 a.m.

The curtains in my room are falling down with the rail coming away from the ceiling.

Bear kicked off with Perico Sambeat and Brad Mehldau sounding lively. I had a crack at lines 6 7 8 of the sonnet. Bear came up with 4 Jazz Funk Classics by 69 which is an alias of Carl Craig which sounded more abstract than the title might imply. Then it was Model 500 to show he is getting the hang of it - also Rhythim is Rhythim just to show off. Linkedin spotted that I have an interest in Paul Rinzler - author of the book on Quartals. Bear played the illegal Night Dances - my most minimalist song:


A postcard of President Obama arrived from the USA - it was from James who has been to Washington DC, NYC and Yale with his gf - he seems to have enjoyed it. I approached some more potential links at linkedin and one has signed up so far.

I left the house at 11.30am to catch the Tube to Victoria where I caught the overground round the loop to Peckham Rye. I used to know this territory very well - the train went past the hospital where both my children were born. I met Rob at the station and we walked West along the road which runs parallel to the railway and then down the first main road. The area had changed a lot since I was last there and become pretty middle class. Eventually we reached the John Latham House. Latham was a conceptual artist especially famous for what he did to a central modernist text. There was a small exhibition of radical 60s art including vids of famous instrument smashing episodes - Hendrix the Who and Jeff Beck in Blow Up. There was also a vid of a very early Pink Floyd gig. Jazz was represented by AMM and Joe Harriet. There was also material about self destructive art. The last time I saw this kind of stuff was in Vienna about 3 years ago - which had repelled me. It was much easier to take here. Latham was interested in time bases and had some grand theories about time and space - he suggested that objects are the traces of events.

It was very hot and we fell into a local gastropub for some lager - then we went up the hill to the West and down Camberwell Grove to the South London Gallery where more conceptual art was on display including a novel approach to artist in residence - they have created a flat in the exhibition space complete with artworks on the walls where the artist will live. We were shown round by a student armed with a quiz to promote our involvement.

It was still hot and so we drank cold water in SLG cafe before setting off on buses up London Bridge to meet Wendy for a meal in a quiet and relaxing pub restaurant under the station. There is an article in the current Wire about the Latham Ex which I need to get hold of. Got back at about 11.30pm - very energetic by my current standards.

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