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2010-07-05 - 12:08 a.m.

I have written up the sonnet setting in chord window form, so I can practise the whole thing at a run. The last line theme still has to be written but I know what the harmony has to be like. I am tempted to start the Noise Theory book before I forget too much what the Latham exhibition was like. I checked the AS on LFM and so far it has had 14 plays - I am rather surprised no one has picked the instrumental which sometimes I think is the best track there. Then I realised somehow I had put a restriction on it - so that has now been switched. It s now on play direct here


I looked on Linkedin to see whether I could find my list of pending link invitations. I don't know if this is because they have all been turned down except subsequently one of my link proposals linked up . I am getting into the Philadelphia Expt Remix more. .

I tried to get further into Olive - Extra Virgin is now 14 years old and Wikipedia says that like many 90s triphop bands not much has been heard of them in the noughties. One of the remixes of You're Not Alone is alright but the other is unrecognisable. I also tried Groove Armada which has been another of my disappointments. I thought one of the better tracks might have been Rachel Foster. One of them studied history at Oxford but it doesn't make me like them any more. I mailed the author of the sonnet to say what I have done. The network started to play up.

My sister has offered to look in the Stationers' archives to see if she can track down Rob's relative who was a printer in London in the early 1800s - she is the librarian at the Stationers' Company.

I tried the Crafter Spanish elctro-acoustic on the sonnet accompaniment and thought there might be something in it. I left the amp settings constant. The Crafter has a pre-amp on board and puts out a lot of signal - there's a volume control and a four band graphic. I took a little top off. It is still the strings that I bought it with and I reallly ought to change them.

I decided to give Linkedin some welly and I have got 27 outstanding invitations now. There were some blog posts about Zizek and Derrida. I watched the Woods on C5.

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