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2010-07-01 - 8:50 a.m.

All three items arrived from Amazon. I could see straight away that the laptop recognised its new USB MIDI out - it took me a while to discover that I had to assign the MIDI parts in the software to the channels within the USB MIDI out - but even so this did not succeed in waking up the Pianobox. I was rather surprised at this given the laptop will be sending much more MIDItalk than the Dhorn did. The Pianobox must be very reclusive. In modern philosophy objects are said to withdraw. I fiddled around in the software and came across a lot more configuration options - on the instrumental map for example.

The bear was sleeping in as well - I couldn't raise him at all for hours - so I just played some CDs instead - he showed up at about 12-30pm without any explanation. He played some Mandalay and then the Philadephia Experimrent which sounded better than I remembered. I could tell the bear was a bit shaky when he played a live version of So What pretending it was the version from Kind of Blue which it clearly wasn't. Maybe it was G Coleman on tenor? MD went through several tenors before he settled on W Shorter. A couple of colleagues said they are going to work part-time.

Noise Theory looks decently theoretical - I must save it for my hols. The manuscipt book was with the NT and I have found a pencil, rubber and pencil sharpener. An invitation to propose a paper for a conference on the brain at the Said School also arrived. My guess is that they want some input fron the OOO side of life which is why they distributed the invitation via that channel. It will be hard task making a case that brain related entities are being put together via today's emerging technology. There were lots of e/ms flying around about Coalition service cuts. Also some NHS innovation and improvement news arrived.

I discovered two little lights on the USBMIDI link to indicate when MIDI data was passing either way. One of these lights did flash when the sequencer was running on the laptop - and stopped when the sequencer stopped but this still didn't get a response from the Pianobox. This is peculiar because the blue MIDI light would only work when the Pianobox was swiched on.

I made the bear keep on working through the evening - he started with Bitter:Sweet who sounded quite original. I watched Midsommer Murders with the sound turned down.I'm not sure the dialogue makes that much difference esp if you can listen to There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. It did occur to me that the bear might fit the new technological ontology. A bit later on he came up with North Marine Drive.

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