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2010-06-30 - 9:16 a.m.

Hot again but not sunny. The recovered laptop arrived by courier - it seems to have got over its infection and it has got a new screen where the old one had some blotches but it still has some of its old annoying habits particularly when it is picked up or put down. The Cabinet went to Bradford and there was an announcement about the Regional Development Agencies and the rather confusing arrangements that are being put in place after they have been abolished.

I downloaded a MIDI sequencer which gives only the first minute of the song as long as it isn't paid for but that should be enough for testing purposes. The MIDI-USB cable should be here soon. One of my outstanding links linked up. The soft synth in the laptop doesn't have any reverb and so the pieces don't sound very impressive. Amazon suggested I buy some books about how to change my job.

The returned laptop has some mp3s on it and I uploaded one to LFM to be part of the Airburst Suite. It's here:


On the U2 I am trying mixing a low level of neck pickup with the bridge pick up full on to thicken up the sound just a little. This kind of pickup mixing isn't possible on either of the Fenders I have had or indeed on the Yamaha. I watched that C4 programme about the Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain. Then the rerun of Miranda.

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