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2010-07-02 - 8:07 a.m.

The bear played his first selection from Seasons of Lights - some lovely gtr fills. Not much in the news after yesterday's excitements. Luciana Souza from Brazilian Duos, Nothing Has Been Proved by Dusty, Djivan Gasparyan, De-Phazz, Back in My Arms Again - the bear is getting so eclectic. I thought Motor City Moments by Regina Carter sounded promising.

I actually put pencil to manuscript on the Totton sonnet setting and I got through the first stanza - 5 lines that is. This is just a first draft and therefore at the back of the book. Just before I wrote this the bear played the other sonnet


I thought it sounded Ok but I couldnt help thinking how different this new one will be not least in sentiment - this one being about poetry love and identity and not about the pitfalls of lust. The poem was published circa 1980 - so in yet another way we are back to the 80s. No progress with the Pianobox today. Neither was there any tennis watching.

I also thought how important it is to like the sound of one's instrument - that's the thing about the U2 through the Cube - I like the way it sounds and so that's how it gets to generate a piece.

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