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2010-06-08 - 7:17 a.m.

A slow start to the week with nothing from the postman. The bear used some of the new additions to the LFM library to ease into the day. Alistair Campbell was on the R4 Andrew Marr Show sounding like sweet reasonableness. I mailed James an article about Turkey's ambition to become a regional power outside the orbit of the US. There was a task that I had been putting off for days but eventually I found a way of achieving it online which made it much simpler.

Donovan's Mellow Yellow has 174 shouts on LFM - maybe the membership has a high average age? One says: 'am i the only person who wants to strip when they hear this song?' No way of answering that. Lover You Should've Come Over has 416 shouts - like this 'The "it's never over" bit always gets me, the lyrics are so sad. This song is so, so much more beautiful than most things you hear. '

River Man has 230 like ' can never quite get over this song, and the songwriting of this man.. what a talent.. what an absolutely beautiful and timeless piece of music.. ' and 'I think the strings ruin this song. I'd much rather hear the steady finger picking of Nick Drake. Anything more kills the mood he sets. ' I used to think that. Joanna Newsom's Book of Right-On has 212 shouts which is a lot for an up and coming artist - perhaps she isn't?

An e/m arrived from the NHS with several interesting leads in it which I mailed off to various colleagues. I got an e/m from Amazon about the best of Groove Armada - my supposition is that the likeability of Weekend Players is partly down to GA input - we'll see - it's quite a small punt. I listened to Tippet's 5th SQ which I have't heard for ages. I had forgotten how moving the end is. The bear picked up a duet between Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden that was quite the business and Sunshine Raga by D Graham - also with a bass player. I was surprised by an acoustic track from Amplified Heart - I'd quite forgotten about I Dont Understand Anything. I think this is Danny Thompson again. Renee Olstead sounded good - she came up when I tuned into the radio of another of Robin's top listeners.

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