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2010-06-09 - 7:12 a.m.

Listened to the 2nd Reith Lecture - fairly familiar ground. I arranged for my infected laptop to be picked up on Friday. Lover You Should've Come Over again also the King of Bohemia which is quite a piece of work. Not much from the postman - again - except the membership of a professional association I keep meaning to drop. Amazon tried to get me to buy some software - not while my laptop is indisposed. Someone mailed to ask what I wanted to do on Saturday.

Scouring some remote corner of LFM I came across Yo La Tengo's cover of 4th Time Around - a rather neglected beauty from Blonde on Blonde. Apple pointlessly wrote to me about the i-phone4. I consider it progress that I found out how to top up my Tesco pay-as-you-go online. Returning to my own library the bear played Sandy Grey - I played the other version just to see how different it might be. Then Motor City Machine Music: An Exploration of Cybotron which I haven't really studied in enough detail. I wonder how much I paid for this? I liked Techno City which dates from 1983. He lets the guitar in for the last 40 secs or so. Apparently Atkins regards this as a unique synthesized funk composition. Laurence mailed about CSR and an article in today's FT.

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