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2010-06-07 - 8:49 a.m.

The piece Baroksambience came about when I put a samba drum pattern from a Latin America Rhythm Tutor into MIDI and then played the result as notes rather than drum sounds. The first harmonic pattern to emerge was agreeable and so I started tweaking the notes to get harmonic progression. Gradually a long sequence emerged. So far this is well within a minmalist aesthetic. The flute line comes from outside this aesthetic and is more like a pure invention. I have been looking at minimal techno on LFM - there is good essay on techno and minimalism here


Perhaps I like Deep House - I wasn't expecting to - and perhaps it makes me feel a bit sleepy.

Now I am confused between nu soul and neo-soul. Not much in terms of e-m except one very welcome invitation. Perhaps I prefer nu soul.

I was pleased to see The Thick of It winning several BAFTAs.

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