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2010-06-06 - 12:38 a.m.

There was a good thriller on late Friday night - Absolute Power - Clint Eastwood starred and directed and a young Laura Linney was his estranged daughter. A nice plot about a President who is into violent sex which goes wrong just as CE is trying to burgle the joint where the misbehaviour is taking place. CE witnesses the resulting murder after which he is hunted by the secret service but comes through in the end. Its a close thing for LL though - she gets pushed over a cliff in her car and then someone tries to poison her in the hospital.

Patteran Pages features hares currently. I woke early and got up to kick the bear out of bed to play Judy Dyble Radio switching to TT Radio after a bit - then Bats4Lashes Radio. Another day for cool calves and ankles. I need to get some braces for the new trousers I wore last night - the mechanics just aren't right as things are. I can't see how to get Norah Jones ' version of Day is Done to play on LFM.

On Friday evening I thought I had found some lyrics to set - a sonnet which goes 5 3 3 3 to get to 14 lines. I heard in the restaurant that the Robens Institute at Surrey University is due to close. I know the prof there a bit - he wrote Steve's obituary


I mailed James who also knows the prof suggesting that he may be right about Uni administration having lost its compass. Nothing from the postman but Amazon mailed to say the quartal voicings are on their way. Charles Alexander mailed to say he has ordered Andrew K's ITCOTCK book and with some kind words about Baroksambience - downloadable here

Its best to go for play direct rather than trying to buy it from Amazon which isn't going to work.

I remailed Charlie the link to the U2 picture and wondered what it would be like to live in Chiswick (again). I left Chiswick for Paul's house in Islington in October 1975 or thereabouts. The Sundays went jangle jangle in a way that still pleases.


Lover You Should Have Come Over has a massive 416 shouts on LFM. Here's one

'he painted a perfect picture of heartbreak, regret and unatainable love. It's a beautiful song, in my opinion, probably his best. '

I think I prefer Everybody Here Wants You.

There's certainly something likeable about Callum Findlay. Over lunch I went through CBR's The Sea. I am wondering if she did better with Larry Klein and Hhancock producing? Maybe that's too glib.

Feeling glib I did a review of Laura Nyro's Live in Japan. That leaves the Badiou commentary for another day.

Jimmy Page played a U2 some of the time in the late night concert on BBC2.

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