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2010-06-02 - 9:18 a.m.

Nothing from the postman today, more’s the pity. I listened to the Reith Lecture first thing making another late start for the bear though that didn’t seem to make any difference to his behaviour at first. I decided to try to avoid the virtual private network in case it was that that was messing up the communications.. This means accessing Outlook via Explorer which slows down certain operations. But he did seem to be a little calmer with the new arrangement though not exactly perfect. There was something in the e-mail from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement – but nothing about improving virtual animals.

PW asked about Ani di Franco and the bear was happy enough to switch on her radio - then after a bit we moved across to Hhancock Radio which seems to feature Brad Mehldau. I have added to my library the CD of his which has got River Man on it - Deregulating Jazz. Then I switched to Medeski Martin & Wood Radio. MMWR played something from the Philadelphia Experiment which I thought was related to the (superlative) Detroit Experiment but not in any way I could identify. I listened to some Jon Hopkins on recommendation.

I practised a few fourth chords – I actually managed to nick the first finger on my left hand trying a fancy harmonic fill. I tried the U2 with the Roland Cube and messed around with the tone settings (it as 3 controls) – perhaps I can coax some distinctive timbres from the combination. The lime green lead doesn’t go with the pink tinge to the guitar. Perhaps I am in the process of revising some old material into a new song.

Trying to track down what equipment Bill Frisell uses I stumbled across the Jazz Guitar site – it has a lot of free material eg

http://www.jazzguitar.be/billies_bounce_lesson.html and


I eventually managed to complete one of the tasks I have been putting off. That leaves another three. I am enjoying the detective series Luther on BBC1.

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