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2010-06-01 - 9:38 a.m.

The bear’s behaviour was really beyond the pale even though I didn’t trouble him until after Andrew Marr’s Radio 4 show and the history of the world in 100 objects. I am at a loss – notwithstanding that he eventually played the Thievery Corporation.

I mailed Charles a little more about fourths. I have decided I need to buy some more clothes this week – before Friday in fact. My laptop gets very warm and it makes my thighs perspire – in fact the device is getting more and more irritating.

The situation at Middlesex University also seems to get worse and worse – there doesn’t seem to be any kind of solution in prospect and there will be lots of victims. Various ultimatums expire this Wednesday.

I went into the shed and looked out my copy of Deleuze’s the Fold and Thomson on Heidegger plus my copy of the Tractatus and Totton’s Collected Poems – also a Coltrane biography (an early one). The Daily Telegraph had an expenses story about the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury – they must be very hostile to the coalition.

I listened to Ligeti’s Etudes – books 1 and 2 – they didn’t sound too radical. Then Weekend Players who aren’t either. This wasn’t going to be a Bank Holiday that would change my evaluation. I am waiting for three items from Amazon.

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