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2010-06-03 - 12:25 a.m.

The bear was better today with an early start – Tin Tin Out, Here’s Where the Story Ends, then ETBG Lullaby of Clubland and Miss M’s radio song – which is too short – plus Lou Reed singing Femme Fatale live. Mail from PW about jazz guitars and LFM. Eagerly awaited the postman. I am quite excited about the new guitar tones – I like a ringing clear sound with the reverb on about 4. I wonder if I can use the headphone socket on the Cube to DI the reverbed gtr?

I mailed Dick Jones about the guitar shop on Ludlow St in NYC.



Bear played Little Johnny Jewel (He’s so cool) in sympathy. Then he excelled himself with TT’s A Piece of My Mind. I still can’t find which album this is on. I switched to John Martyn Radio which threw up:

Oh it's like a storm at sea,

And everything is lost

And, the fretful sailors

Calling out their woes,

As to the waves they're tossed.

Oh, they are all gentlemen,

And never will they know

If there is a reason each of them

Must go, To join the cruel flow.

And it'll take a long long time

It'll take a long long time

It'll take a long long time,

Oh it'll take such a long long time.

There is no need for rules,

There's no one to score the game

And there is no body

Living in this town

As even knows its name.


You might guess from the imagery that it’s by Sandy Denny. Then the bear played Know which I haven’t heard for a long while. He couldn’t maintain the standard and fell into a sulk. I put John Zorn’s string 4tets on which are mostly quite hard work. The postman brought Olive. Perhaps I am stuck in the 90s.

I went to the High St and bought trousers, shorts, shoes and socks – all discounted. So that’s one more thing off the list. It was pretty crowded in the shops and warm on the street. I needed a can of coke when I got back.

I uploaded some mp3s to LastFM but I couldn’t find them for a long while to see how they stream. Eventually I found a link which I mailed to Dick Jones. I should mention this to Gilbert Isbin so we can put up 10 Short Stories.

I have become a top listener of Unbending Trees on LFM – a title I am happy to display. Ditto my status as a top listener to Robin.

I tried the Pacifica with the Cube – it was very loud – and with its 5 position switch very varied but I like the comparative lightness of the U2. 5 tonal settings is too many for me.

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